Completing an Air Conditioning Replacement project in Irvine

When your air conditioning unit looks like this, it’s probably time to get it replaced. Irvine Triton Air client, Carolyn, had the unit pictured below before we replaced it. 

Our client, Carolyn, wanted to prepare for the summer heat, so she called Triton Air to get the job done. Initially, we ran a diagnostic test on the unit in an attempt to repair it. Eventually, she decided that replacing it would be the best option, as pictured on the right side in the photo above.

We also replaced her furnace since it was old and time for a replacement. What’s exciting about replacing both the furnace and air conditioning units simultaneously is that the operating costs of the system decreases exponentially!  Plus they are all properly designed to work together.

We completed this job in one day. Our client is happy and satisfied with her new reliable and efficient Triton Air system!

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