Replacing Condenser: San Clemente

Mr. Phil chose Lennox to maximize the efficiency of his air conditioner. He is giving the system a big thumbs up because It’s one of the most advanced, efficient, and long-lasting heating and air-conditioning system on the market.  

Above are the before and after pictures of the old and new furnace.

We also checked out his furnace in his attic and we all decided it was time to be replaced with a new system. Pictured above is a side-by-side of the old and new furnace, what a transformation!

Before and after of line-set penetration through wall

During the installation, we noticed that his old air conditioning was not up to code and the wiring was hazardous. So, not wanting to leave him with a safety hazard we took care of that too! No need to worry about rodents chewing through the wires.

Our installation team started and completed this project all in just a day! Now, Mr. Phil can enjoy the constant, cool air all summer. 

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