Donation Project

This month we found out about a family in Wildomar whose son has cystic fibrosis, which affects the lungs, and definitely he is affected by indoor air quality, which is right up our ally. And additionally, his mom is fighting cancer for the second time.

We then reached out to Lennox and the Triton Air team to put in a brand new Lennox high-efficiency heating and air system for them. This will do amazing things to their utility bills, they got enough medical bills so the team donated the time to help them financially and on top of that, we got the Lennox pure air system which will purify the air and really help their son, might even help limit the medications that he needs to take. 

Triton Air team with family

A big shout out to the Triton Air team for coming together on their day off and helping this family and being a community for the community. Click here to see a short video recap of this amazing day. 

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