Complete HVAC System Replacement: Aliso Viejo

This week we came out to a residential home in Aliso Viejo to do a complete Heating and air replacement. We replaced this home owner’s old & rusty air conditioner with the Triton 16 series, 3 ton, two-stage heat pump. 

We then replaced the old furnace with the Triton Air high-efficiency furnace. When we finished the install team also vacuumed & cleaned spaces to our customer’s satisfaction.  But the customer was not just happy with how clean the install looked, they were especially happy with how clean the air will be too.

Their new heating and air conditioning system came with an air scrubber. An air scrubber protects heating, air conditioning, and duct systems from dust buildup and reduces odors by utilizing the germicidal UV light in combination with a photo-catalytic oxidizer. This process also generates and distributes purified air to the home air stream.    

Now this customer can enjoy this hot weather without a sweat while breathing in clean cool air.  

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