Triton Air July Newsletter 2020

Triton Air volunteers came together to help a family in Wildomar.

We replaced their old HVAC system with a high-efficiency furnace & air conditioning unit. 

Shout out to our volunteers: Jose, Larry, Nate, Garrett, Mike, JT, Tyler U, Karyn, Casey

In honor of our fallen brother Ron we just got our new van wrapped! 

Looks awesome!   

Casey will be driving soon. We are getting the vehicle outfitted and ready to go!

A monthly percentage of all sales from this vehicle will be donated to pancreatic cancer research, patient support, community outreach & advocacy for a cure.  Ron is smiling from above.

New Team members! 

Welcome to the team!!! 

Ethan (Install), Scott & Milt (client generators) 

Please help them feel welcome!

Mike Nicolai

Mike Nicolai

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