• Minimize energy consumption by properly maintaining HVACR and water heating equipment for our clients.

• Offer options for energy efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerants and equipment.

• Maximize the use of products that have been manufactured in countries where 
environmental stewardship is a priority and practiced.

• Recover, store and dispose of refrigerants and mercury thermostats to EPA standards.

• Recycle old equipment, metal and plastics on a daily basis.

• Follow EPA standards and licensing requirements for refrigerants and refrigerant leaks.

• To minimize injury or illness, inform clients in writing of potential hazardous substances 
visually located but not scientifically identified.

• Maintain the commitment to improve environmental processes, practices and training.

We believe that plans to protect air, water, wilderness and wildlife are, in fact, plans to protect humanity.

We strive to tame the Earth's environment,

while at the same time, protect it.

Our Environmental Policy

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